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Technology has drastically transformed the way banks and financial institutions conduct their business and continue doing so as days go by. They are simplifying the way through which their customers can get access to their services easily, conveniently and cost-effectively. Theirs is a business where trust takes center stage therefore security is key.

We provide a host of solutions and services that enable financial institutions to give their customers unique experiences right from onboarding them to banking systems to providing personalized digital payments services.




Ministries, departments, agencies and other government authorities provide critical services to the country’s population. It is expected of the government to have an enabling environment that ensures its services are effective, affordable, easily and conveniently accessible to the population. Identification systems that are backed with appropriate technology are essential in enabling effective services to be offered to the intended persons

Over decades we have amassed solid experience in identification technology that uniquely positions us to the provision of appropriate identification solutions which are vital in ensuring government services are effectively offered to intended persons..



Credible Identification mechanisms are essential for the efficient delivery of health services and healthcare management. Healthcare providers need to know a patient’s identity to access relevant medical and treatment histories and ensure that they are giving consistent and appropriate care. Any error in identity can be very tragic, it can result in wrong medical tests, procedures and medication whose impact can cost lives. Patients also need documentation and proof of identification to access the services. 

We enable healthcare providers to effectively address identification as they focus on delivering much-needed health services effectively.



Schools and institutions of higher learning are essential institutions in society.
There is increased demand for credible security as well as Identification mechanisms that enable institutions to timely and effectively identify, monitor and where necessary control the movement of students, staff, visitors and property within the institutions. Equally important is the identification, tracking and management of assets. We provide solutions that guarantee security, reliability and indeed peace which is much needed.



For a warehouse to function properly, the movement of goods needs to flow seamlessly. Identifying and tracking the goods is key which is achieved by practices such as placing an SKU on every item received and placing it in the appropriate storage location. Storage and space utilization is essential which is made easy by use of appropriate technology such as tracking devices, identification tags and applications.

We provide tracking equipment such as mobile computers, scanners, labelling/tagging solutions as well as other warehousing tools that accelerate productivity bringing the much-desired efficiency in warehousing operations.



Logistics is a delicate business that requires deliberate, appropriate handling and management of the goods from the source all through to the destination. Any of the supply chain process touch points have a significant potential of causing delays, misplacement, loss or even damage to the goods which is tragic for the business. 

Safety and timely delivery are critical elements that need not be compromised in any way. We work closely with logistics companies in providing appropriate tagging/labelling of the goods, scanning, and tracking tools are part of technology that provides businesses with visibility, better control, improved efficiency as well as optimizing operational costs.


Transport & Ticketing

The high increase of people and motor vehicles is overstretching the existing road transport infrastructure, especially in the urban areas as is evidenced by the constant traffic jams.

The need for an efficient public transport system has become crucially important. This includes fare payment and collection solutions that enable sustainable business operations.

We provide integrated solutions for fare collection; which bring together software, cards (smartcards, NFC), and mobile solutions, among others..


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