Stamping & Verification


The importance of official documents cannot be overemphasized, Institutions and organizations are continually faced with challenges associated with the abuse or misuse of documents. There is a need to identify and mitigate fraudulent identities and identity theft, this, therefore, creates the need for effective means of authenticating documents to ensure they are accurate, genuine and that they are fit for their intended purpose.

We provide an AI-powered end-to-end fully automated secure and user-friendly document verification solution ideal for different use cases. Whether it's education/professional certificates, legal documents or other forms of business and ID documents our solution is a perfect match. Our solution is designed taking into account that there could be some exceptional circumstances such as a lack of stable internet connectivity or a challenge technical in nature in such cases our solution enables users to undertake preliminary verification processes.

If the document needs stamping, we provide secure and custom-made stamps, associated supplies and tools to manage their usage and verification effectively.



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