Time & Attendance

Time is a fundamental resource that has to be well managed for any success to be achieved. Generally people have challenges managing time especially in places where it is needed most - where we earn our living from. Employees time and attendance tracking is one of the most critical factors affecting profitability of any business venture and its prospects for growth. Time and Attendance systems automates the error-prone processes related to monitoring time of people such as employees, students and other members in an institutional setup. They provide institutions with real time data along with tools to control cost of human resources and improve productivity.

In colleges, universities and other learning institutions, proper management of class/lectures attendance by students has become a matter of priority now more than ever before. In some institutions students cannot pass the exams without attaining a certain percent of classes/lectures attendance. Some 'clever' students go a notch higher in exams cheating by hiring well knowledgeable persons to sit for exams they feel weak in on their behalf and somehow they go unnoticed for lack of proper Identification and attendance mechanisms.

We provide effective, easy to use and pocket friendly Time Attendance Systems. They are based on different technologies which include barcode, cards swipe, Pass words (PIN Code) and biometrics thereby making them appropriate for use in different scenarios.