Identification Solutions

Identification of people and property has become an absolute concern to individuals, institutions and countries they belong to and we have witnessed how technology has revolutionized the way these ID concerns are addressed. For example, unlike in the past, today's students are issued ID Cards with electronic information on enrolment. They use the same ID cards to get access to libraries and other areas they have been given access to eg. lecture room and exam rooms. Some use the same ID cards to pay for the meals, others use the same ID Cards to log into the computer systems to have access to materials they are allowed to. If for instance a student gets missing, the school security system will automatically know where he/she was last seen and when. This is indeed amazing! Similar transformations has also taken place in other sectors such as health, finance, transportation etc and ID Cards Solutions have been part of these successive stories. We have a sound track-record in provision of Identification solutions for various organizations, companies and agencies.

We provide wide variety of Identification management systems that incorporates integration of various identification mechanisms such as fingerprint, facial, iris identification or multiple biometrics hence making them ideal for applications in various sectors such as Government, healthcare, finance, education as well as retail. Some examples of these applications are;

  • Use of biometric technologies in Identification and verification of country's citizens in combating terrorism, crimes, illegal immigration
  • Voter registration & enrollment systems which enable registration of voters by using biometrics to verify their identity
  • Management of attendance in classes, examination rooms, library and security in schools
  • Identification of patients and means of ensuring administration of some prescribed medicine to only the designated patients
  • Use of biometrics in ensuring payments are made to the entitled persons such as pensioners